There’s something about purpose that is irreplaceable. Many people have endured extraordinary circumstances from hardship to the absolute mundane because they had a purpose in their heart that compelled them. On the other hand, many people with excellent opportunities have lost the will to live without purpose. Purpose is irreplaceable. But how do you find it?

Many people seek purpose for their lives from different sources. Some find purpose in their career ambitions, some find purpose in their favorite professional team, still others find purpose in serving things larger than themselves, like the military or their family, for example. Worldview, the undergirding principles and philosophies a person believes about reality, is very important in determining how a person goes about finding purpose or the lack thereof. For example, the honest materialist, who believes that matter is the only thing in our universe, finds meaninglessness as an inevitable conclusion. This is the typical “all we are is dust in the wind” type. This can naturally lead to despair, depression, or worse. On the other hand, such a person can quickly become a hedonist, seeking every pleasure possible, because “tomorrow we die” so we should “eat, drink, and be merry” while we can. Worldview, these fundamental answers to the most important questions, has a significant influence on our lives and certainly on how we find purpose.

Because of this, finding purpose looks very different for many people. Like when someone finds purpose in their children, because what we instill in the next generation is our contribution to the future. There must be thousands of purposes that can be developed in a soul. Money, fame, honor, family, etc. It turns out that having an eye on the future is one of the most important aspects of determining purpose for ourselves. The fundamental question behind this is: Where does our worldview end up? What are the conclusions and implications of our philosophies about life? What will be the result if I follow this to the end? For many, it seems, that there is not much time invested in this type of exploration. Some like to remain in the present without putting much thought into the future. But just because we don’t like to think about it in no way excuses us from the future realities or the consequences or our choices. For many, careful thought about these matters leads to a search for answers, for truth. This quest is the most important journey of a human life.

Truth is not some preferential aspect of reality. Postmodern thought has taken liberty to attack truth but any such conclusions are in themselves circular and self-defeating. For example, take the person who says there is no absolute truth. You may hear them say that truth is subjective. “That’s your truth, but not my truth.” Well in order for that person to be correct, they must be incorrect. Stating that truth is subjective is an objective conclusion, an absolute truth that is self-defeating to their argument. Truth, as many have understood it throughout history is crucial for life, love, and liberty among everything else. So how do we find truth in this quest for purpose? The main thing is that we have some urgency to pursue it because we have sobered up to the reality that we need to find real answers about the purpose and meaning of our lives.

Overwhelminguniverse.org is all about this quest, helping people who want to find real answers, discover meaning and purpose for their lives. If that sounds like you keep reading our articles because truth is out there and it can change everything. Are you satisfied with your purpose or do you feel like there must be something more out there for you?

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