If you are interested in learning more about the Minor Prophets, but have never taken the plunge, here is a helpful tool to walk through them in a survey study. Read the books before each section in the study guide and dive deeper as the Lord leads you with the help of a good study Bible or commentary. We completed studying through these prophets in my church and thoroughly enjoyed it. God’s Word is so amazing!


Join Jesus, the Master Teacher, to hear and enjoy the most profound parables used during His earthly ministry. Find out how the context and content of each parable tells a greater story of humanity. Some of the most profound teaching on the Kingdom of God comes through the parables of Christ. Find out why Jesus used parables and much more…

Where is the world headed? Is their any hope for the future? What is God’s ultimate plan for His creation? Listen to God reveal the fascinating future from the book of Revelation as Dr. Jason walks through 30 lessons on the end of time in Revelation: Letters from the End of the World

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