Dying for Happy Everafter

Every story we read, watch, or share online draws us in if it has the ultimate resolution, happiness. Not many of us are fans of movies that end in shocking tragedy. I can think of a few that left me disgusted with an unhappy ending. I bet you can too. But what about the greatest story, history? What is the end result of this complex collective story we all play a part in? One of the primary worldview questions that we have to answer in our busy lives requires an appraisal of the current state of affairs in our world. It’s the question, “Is there any hope for the world?” The question usually comes right after, “Where did life come from?” The origin story is always important in any great epic and another equally important question is, “What happened in the world to make it this way?” It doesn’t take long to realize that we all long for a happy resolution in our story precisely because we look around and see so much pain and heartache; so many unhappy stories take place all around us every day. From here we have two options relating back to the origin story.

  1. Life came from random chance and will ultimately return to meaningless dust.
  2. Life is God’s creation and will ultimately result in eternal happiness or unhappiness.

Notice that option 1 only leaves a grim depressing outcome. Even if you drown it with a humanistic optimism of utopian conditions in the future you must believe in science solving death for there to be any hope. Even if that could happen you are left to live forever in a morally corrupted world filled with pain and suffering. That’s even worse!

Option 2 comes with two possible alternatives, happiness or unhappiness. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Now at least there is some hope of a good ending to our story. This is simple for anyone who has a simple understanding of the biblical concepts of heaven or hell. The Bible promises if you are saved from your sin by trusting in Jesus Christ you will be happy forever in heaven. The Bible promises If you do not trust in Jesus Christ you will be unhappy forever in hell. There is no other option according to the Word of God.

An honest skeptic immediately recognizes that the promise of option 2 with a chance to find happiness forever is much more promising than secular option 1. But what did it take for option 2 to even offer such hope? It took Jesus dying for your happy everafter. The Creator God, The God Most High, had to die in your place so that you could have the option of eternal happiness. The Bible teaches that when we believe that Jesus is God’s Son, that He died on the cross for our sins, and then rose again on the third day, we are saved unto eternal happiness! The only other alternative is to reject God’s gift of salvation and face certain eternal unhappiness.

Which ending would you prefer? Are you willing to dismiss the promises of God for the blind hopelessness of option 1? Are you allowing the temptation of the painful world we live in to blind you to the wondrous hope of option 2? The way your story ends matters to God. That’s why He died to give you this blessed hope! Have you trusted in Him for happiness everafter?

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