Nuclear Fusion… meet Gravity

Sunset on the Caribbean

God’s creation is breath-taking!  Yet, despite its amazing beauty and the information we have learned from science we don’t appreciate the complexity of God’s handiwork.  Psalms 19:1, states that the heavens declare the glory of God and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.  The sun is one example.  Look at this picture…. Still not convinced?  Ok, listen to what science has to say about our sun.  The basics:  The sun is 93 million miles away and it is large enough to contain 1 million Earths.  These are astonishing facts but aren’t enough to truly appreciate what’s going for the sun to exist.  On the surface of the sun temperatures exceed 9941 degrees Fahrenheit.  At it’s core… 15 million degrees.  The sun releases the equivalent of billions of nuclear warheads detonating each second and this awesome force is attempting to blow the star apart.  Meet gravity.  Gravity is the mysterious force of God’s creation that is crushing the planet because of its gigantic mass.  The two forces, the explosion from nuclear fusion and crushing forces of gravity are raging against each other to form this beautiful star.  Coincidence?  Genesis states otherwise.  This is one star out of an estimated billions.  This does not even consider the exact distance our planet has been positioned away from the sun to sustain our lives through the its energy.

   God is an awesome God!  And he deserves our worship.  Think about this…. the largest star ever discovered is VY Canis Majoris.  This star is mind-boggling.  It could contain 1 billion of our suns.  That’s right, B for billion.  If this star was in our solar system its surface would extend all the way out to Saturn, 903 million miles.  Imagine the forces of fusion and gravity in this mammoth star.  Think about the sun next time your enjoy its heat, light, or life giving properties.  God’s creation declares His glory and so we should be thankful that a God this amazing cares for someone like you and me.

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