Pastor’s Conference: Montrouis, Haiti

Canaan Christian Community
Found in Translation

  What a blessing it was to be with these Haitian pastors in Montrouis.   It was awesome to hear 2 Timothy 1-3 in Haitian Creole!  However, it wasn’t because of my linguistic skills.   The young lady to my left was an excellent translator and we taught God’s Word together!

  It’s remarkable how discontent Americans can be despite the luxury of our comfortable lifestyles.  In Haiti, there is sickness with limited medical care, poverty with limited opportunities, malaria carrying mosquitoes with limited medication, no air condition, and no amenities as we know them.  Yet, I couldn’t help to notice the great joy and hope these people were experiencing in the Lord.  What a testimony and challenge to me!  Is it possible that we have let our own pursuit of comfort and success distract us from the wonderful joy of the Lord that is available through faith and rejoicing?  The answer for me is yes.  How about you?  Are you discontent with life?  Obeying God’s command to rejoice in all things and trust Him with child like faith will allow you to experience a joy far more profound.  The joy of our Lord, Jesus Christ is the only kind that satisfies.

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