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Dying for Happy Everafter

Every story we read, watch, or share online draws us in if it has the ultimate resolution, happiness. Not many of us are fans of movies that end in shocking tragedy. I can think of a few that left me…

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The Paradox of Kingdom Happiness

If you listened to many secular voices, there is no happiness to be found in faith. Faith in God becomes one more religious system that is archaic, oppressive, and delusional. It’s an old way of thinking that doesn’t work any…

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Is God Happy?

Everyone has there own idea of who God is. Many imagine God as the ultimate disciplinarian, wrathful and judgmental, regularly. Others imagine God as solemn, holy, meek and even quiet. But what is God really like? We have been taking…

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Hope in the Glory of God

In Romans 5:2 Paul teaches that as followers of Christ we are to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.  How are we to understand this command?  Let’s take a closer look to dig into what Paul is…

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Here Comes the Son

There seems to me to be a cumulative anxiety across the world. Yes, of course it begins with us and the daily stresses of life and our own weaknesses and limitations. But its also bigger than that. The world doesn’t…

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